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Google’s vast resources and connections causes a lot of training videos to be created.

I’m just starting to explore. The front page gave me more good information than I can watch in a full day.

If you want to know about search, marketing, business or consumer trends.. check this out.


Yes, it’s really a post guys

I”ve been playing on the #EmpireAvenue site for a while now, and dutiful linked up several of my favorite blogging sites.

I agree that putting someone else feed, a comment feed, or a compilation is NOT a blog.. but what about Amplify (tumblr, posterous, et al)?

Since I share most on Amplify, I put in that feed.. then got reject by their automated process. Should we be penalized for using a more social way to blog?

The activity on my page shows any human that I spend time interacting with people. Makes sense that the search engines want to know that too.

While I’m there for the conversations.. cool to know I’m help you rank higher too

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Twitter on Google

Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Land recently asked Google and Bing some questions on how they use social data from Twitter and Facebook. In particular, he wanted to know how that data influenced regular web search results. As we all know being found on the first page of Google in search results can drive a lot of traffic to your blog and website and research shows that nearly 90% of all clicks on links on Google come from being on the first page of Google.



Social media is growing up fast. No longer a niche plaything of the digerati, social media is firmly entrenched as a societal game changer of historical importance. For many, social media and social networking are so ubiquitous and pervasive that we presume we have it figured out, that we have a finger firmly on the pulse. But we don’t. Data about how social media really works, who uses it and how, continues to surprise.

The Social Habit 2011 by Edison Research.pdf page 28 of 53 9 Surprising New Facts About Social Media in America 5. Super Socials Love Twitter
Partially an explanation of Twitter’s popularity and role in the culture despite it’s relatively small user base, 23% of the “super socials” use Twitter, which is almost triple the rate of Americans overall. (98% of super socials use Facebook, and 45% use MySpace)



Leib Lurie never intended for his company, message delivery service One Call Now, to be pet-friendly. But his dog, Ivy, had other ideas.

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New books published have been on a steady growth curve over the last decade or so while traditional publishers and bookstores struggle to figure out what to do about it.

Smart authors have done just fine.

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If you’re an author of books that have gone out of print, you could be sitting on a goldmine.

Savvy writers – especially those with an online following — are reveling in unexpected profits by self-publishing their defunct backlist titles as new e-books.

“In six weeks, I’ve made three times the advance I was paid initially,” says Carolyn Jewel, an author of historical and paranormal romances who has reissued the first of her backlist titles originally published by Hachette and Penguin-Putnam. I spoke with Carolyn recently about her surprise bonanza.

“I’ve also made more than I did in royalties while the book was in print. My out-of-print titles weren’t earning anyone any money — except used books stores I suppose. Today, my backlist has value to me.”

Bestselling author reissuing archive of 40 books

“I’m more excited than I’ve ever been,” says New York Times bestselling author Bob Mayer, who wrote in a recent blog post about plunging into self-publishing and reissuing his defunct titles as e-books. The former Green Beret wrote the first of 40 military thrillers and historical novels in 1991, which he says have sold more than 4 million copies over the years. In addition to self-publishing his entire backlist, Mayer has opted to reject his longtime publisher St. Martin’s and their six-figure advances. Instead he’s publishing his new epic novel Duty, Honor, Country, a Novel of West Point and the Civil War, himself.



This is one of those “I’ll feel much better once I let off some steam”

Hulu has this in heavy rotation (my only connection to TV these days is becoming more and more like the TV I decided to stop watching years ago).

Personally, I’m a fan of lemons and lemonade. And strawberry is my favorite fruit.. so it’s nice to find out that I can find it in 10 million more locations.

But what’s this nonsense about lemons not getting respect?

Is it respectable that they have to put strawberries in it to sell lemonade at McDonald’s

There. I feel much better. Time to go order my favorite beverage.. Water with Lemon

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DDB and digital sibling Tribal DDB take it upon themselves to vindicate the lemon in a new campaign for McDonald’s McCafé Strawberry Lemonade slushie. To that end, the agencies enlisted Steve Schirripa, better known as Bobby Baccalieri of The Sopranos (who is spherical himself, not unlike a giant citrus, but a bit sweeter, as sociopathic mobster types go). While we’re not immune to the charms of lemons, the lady in the commercial seems perhaps too at ease with the fact that a piece of yellow fruit is rolling around and barking at her about how delicious he tastes when pureed, frozen, and sucked out of a straw. Yes, it’s cute, and makes me pause to reconsider the Wendy’s Frosty I just guzzled. But it’s also cutesy, and a self-congratulatory homage to DDB’s famous “Lemon” ad for Volkswagen—which itself wasn’t too complimentary toward lemons. Maybe a more generous reading is that the allusion is self-deprecating. Either way, the spot ends up stating the obvious: Lemons, as the idiom suggests, are better made into lemonade.



Israeli media speculate that the move may be aimed at attracting tourists to Jordan. Israel claims to have the ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah on its own territory, on the south-eastern bank of the Dead Sea.

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Maroon 5 and and Coke team up to let fans help create a song

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Can Coke Start A Trend To Make Inspiration A Form Of Co-Creation?

What if you could join your favourite band in studio to record their next single? For many, this is just a moment to dream of – but last month Coca-Cola partnered with the rock band Maroon 5 to do exactly that in a social experiment to create a new song in 24 hours. Fans could watch a live stream of the band working on a new song in the studio and contribute to the brainstorming process in real time via a Twitter screen that was broadcast live to the band. Check out the recap video below:



Why the headline is important and tips to write great headlines

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The latest Twitter statistics show that Twitters growth last year was over 1,300% with the latest numbers  revealed by Twitter at their Chirp conference for developers in April  showingHow To Write A Mind Blowing Headline For Twitter

  • Total number of users at 105 million (12 months ago that number was 8 million)

  • Twitter received 180 million unique visitors a month to its website.