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No matter what the economy, your business can prosper with Profitable Social Media as suggested in this article

In this tough economy, many small business owners struggle to cost-effectively attract new customers. Online marketing offers hope, but many don’t have the time to navigate the ins and outs of blogging, search engine optimization and social media. The Business Blogging Telesummit features stories, tips and “how-to’s” from nine successful small business owners who have succeeded through the use of online marketing.

The second half of the telesummit features nine top marketing experts including Chris Garrett, Pamela Slim, Denise Wakeman, Marcus Sheridan and Jack Humphrey. These experts go deep into specific topics such as content marketing, online visibility, business blogging, connecting with audiences via social media, content curation, information products and guest blogging. These experts go into detail about specific strategies to follow and mistakes to avoid while they share their most valuable techniques.

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In this blog Nicky looks at 5 key reasons why Small Business’ should be using Social Media to get ahead of their competitors…..

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Best Seller Roadmaps

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  • ntroduction: I call you to learn about you, your book and your business.
  • Success Assessment. I review your book, any existing marketing, proposals, online presence and information products you have now or are developing
  • Best Seller Roadmap Session. Once we have all the data and know your book and business, we set up a session to build your roadmap.  I will do these sessions myself and show you exactly what you need to do to be more successful with your book, online promotion and marketing. During this session, you can ask any question about publishing or marketing and I will share any resources you might need to get to the goals you have set.
  • Expert Promotion Checklist. Based on your specific needs, I outline a fast track checklist you can use to get results quick from your online and offline marketing.
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