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No matter what the economy, your business can prosper with Profitable Social Media as suggested in this article

In this tough economy, many small business owners struggle to cost-effectively attract new customers. Online marketing offers hope, but many don’t have the time to navigate the ins and outs of blogging, search engine optimization and social media. The Business Blogging Telesummit features stories, tips and “how-to’s” from nine successful small business owners who have succeeded through the use of online marketing.

The second half of the telesummit features nine top marketing experts including Chris Garrett, Pamela Slim, Denise Wakeman, Marcus Sheridan and Jack Humphrey. These experts go deep into specific topics such as content marketing, online visibility, business blogging, connecting with audiences via social media, content curation, information products and guest blogging. These experts go into detail about specific strategies to follow and mistakes to avoid while they share their most valuable techniques.

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I’m a fan of #amplify. I’m using it more than my blog to post content and love the discussions here.

I’m also trying other products to share what I find.

#quora is getting rave reviews in the tech community and I have seen this group lead the way in blogging, social media and other trends (of course “tech” would be one of them).

My own experience with @quora is OK.. but I don’t see it as that much of a breakthrough.

Have you used Quora?

What are the differences?

Amplify’d from scobleizer.com

@Scobleizer I believe @quora is the future of blogging.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhoneShervin Pishevar

First, it learned from Twitter. Ask your users a question and they’ll answer it.

Second, they learned from Facebook. Build a news feed that brings new items to you.

Third, they learned from the best social networks. You follow people you like. But then they twisted it. You can follow topics. Or you can follow questions in addition to following people. This is great for new users who might not know anyone. They can follow topics.

Fourth, they learned from blogs about how to do great SEO. I’ve started seeing Quora show up on Google.

Fifth, they learned from FriendFeed, Digg, and other systems that let you vote up things. If you watch a question that has a lot of engagement you’ll even see votes roll in live. It’s very addictive.

Sixth, they brought the live “engagement display” that Google Wave had: it shows who is answering a question WHILE they are answering it.

Seventh, it has a great search engine for you to find things you are interested in.

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I woke up this morning expecting to get busy with some pre-holiday chores.

Then I checked my email.

An hour later, I’m knee deep in new ideas to share with authors about free online promotion.

Here’s some FREE resources I’m using to promote authors, book, and promotions

Twitter – I am following some people that I want to know better, have the Facebook app installed so that now all my twitter entries appear there. I find that these short twitter (some would call them “shout outs”) give me a chance to build relationships like the kids do using text messages.

Faves I’m uplading my address book right now, and inviting a few thousand friends to join me here. This site is one of hundreds I’ve tried, putting “tags” and “bookmarks” in a public place where the whole world can see what I’m linking to. Naturally, I focus on the best places for authors and publishers and sites with the promotions I’m working on.

Many of these are used by seach engine optimization and social network marketing experts to build a lot of web traffic quickly. But I’m finding that many of them are gems in the rough.. offering innovative services. I suggest you find a few that work for you and start tagging (submitting or recommending) those sites you like. They can be your stuff, but the power of this increases exponentially as you add in your friends, recomend other sites and become known for playing by the rules.

Blogger blogs Even though I’m using WordPress more and more, I still like some of the features of Blogger. Still very easy to set up a blog, and my marketing results coach blog gets some traffice for me. I linked to one of my early projects, there are many more I’ll mention and show you if you subscribe to this feed.

Don’t forget to COMMENT on this blog. Comments should be like the rules of a book report in schoold. You main reason for them is to show you read the post. So make it relavant to what we are discusssing. Once you do that, go ahead and plug your own site or blog. Each time you post a comment, you are adding to the discussion and giving yourself more “juice” with the link back to your site.