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I help new authors launch books to best seller status.

Video is popular, so I thought.. why not make up some slide and record a short introduction.

Does it help in making you want to jump on board and get lot of new readers for your book or blog?


One of my favorite commentators just wrote the best darn post I’ve read all week.

A must read


If you’re keeping count of the number of blogs and RSS feeds you see from Warren Whitlock, Book Marketing Strategist, this is number .. er, oops. I lost count!

My main blog is bogging me down. I’m experimenting with many things.. and really like WordPress, and decided to add another here at the Word Press site.

If this is the only post you see, it didn’t work out.. or I’m still horsing around. My most up to date book marketing informaiton will always be posted at Best Seller Authors site

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