This is one of those “I’ll feel much better once I let off some steam”

Hulu has this in heavy rotation (my only connection to TV these days is becoming more and more like the TV I decided to stop watching years ago).

Personally, I’m a fan of lemons and lemonade. And strawberry is my favorite fruit.. so it’s nice to find out that I can find it in 10 million more locations.

But what’s this nonsense about lemons not getting respect?

Is it respectable that they have to put strawberries in it to sell lemonade at McDonald’s

There. I feel much better. Time to go order my favorite beverage.. Water with Lemon

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DDB and digital sibling Tribal DDB take it upon themselves to vindicate the lemon in a new campaign for McDonald’s McCafé Strawberry Lemonade slushie. To that end, the agencies enlisted Steve Schirripa, better known as Bobby Baccalieri of The Sopranos (who is spherical himself, not unlike a giant citrus, but a bit sweeter, as sociopathic mobster types go). While we’re not immune to the charms of lemons, the lady in the commercial seems perhaps too at ease with the fact that a piece of yellow fruit is rolling around and barking at her about how delicious he tastes when pureed, frozen, and sucked out of a straw. Yes, it’s cute, and makes me pause to reconsider the Wendy’s Frosty I just guzzled. But it’s also cutesy, and a self-congratulatory homage to DDB’s famous “Lemon” ad for Volkswagen—which itself wasn’t too complimentary toward lemons. Maybe a more generous reading is that the allusion is self-deprecating. Either way, the spot ends up stating the obvious: Lemons, as the idiom suggests, are better made into lemonade.