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20 Success LinkedIn Tips

What does your profile say about you?

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20 Tips to Becoming Successful on LinkedIn – Refreshed and Expanded

1.  Treat your LinkedIn profile like a website:

Make sure it is formatted, clean, and free of spelling and grammatical errors.  I strongly suggest creating your LinkedIn profile first in a word document – not only so you can “catch” errors, but also so you can get a better idea of what your profile will look like on the LinkedIn website.  In some sections of LinkedIn you can also pull in bullets and special characters.  Alas – still no bolding or italics other than what LinkedIn itself formats. Another bonus, if you’ve already created your profile in a Word document, sections of it can easily be copied into other social media platforms to keep your branding unified.

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LinkedIn just added “LinkedIn Today” where you get a news page based on your connections, your industry and what companies you care about.

Best of all, it’s fully customizable.

Look at the automated page, then tweak it so you get exactly the news you need.

Have you tried it?

@lewishowes is the smartest LinkedIN user I know.

Proving it once again here.

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Step 1.  Create SlideShare.net Account and add application on LinkedIn
Step 2.  Upload a video to YouTube
Step 3.  Upload a presentation to your SlideShare account
Step 4.  Insert your YouTube link in the first slide of your presentation
Step 5.  Publish the SlideShare presentation on your profile

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