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How Big is the Internet?

Newest stats compiled by Pingdom.

Amplify’d from royal.pingdom.com
  • 152 million – The number of blogs on the Internet (as tracked by BlogPulse).
  • 25 billion – Number of sent tweets on Twitter in 2010
  • 100 million – New accounts added on Twitter in 2010
  • 175 million – People on Twitter as of September 2010
  • 7.7 million – People following @ladygaga (Lady Gaga, Twitter’s most followed user).
  • 600 million – People on Facebook at the end of 2010.
  • 250 million – New people on Facebook in 2010.
  • 30 billion – Pieces of content (links, notes, photos, etc.) shared on Facebook per month.
  • 70% – Share of Facebook’s user base located outside the United States.
  • 20 million – The number of Facebook apps installed each day.

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While there is no doubt that a conflict is happening in #Egypt, I haven’t been able to form a sensible opinion on the issues.

What I know

1) A lot of people don’t like the current government

2) Violence is happening

3) The government reacted by shutting down communications

Here’s my big question. Is the intent to hide from the world, or cut off communication between the rebels?

The effectiveness of the action is questionable either way.

I so much want to be saying “bad or dumb move to shut down communications” and comment in favor of any group fighting for change.

But would it be irresponsible for me to do so?

Supposing there is some change. I assume it would be positive. But what do I know? Would the new government be better?

I don’t have a clue.

How much do you want to share?

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But most of my life isn’t spent on the move. It’s spent online, which makes passive data collection ever easier. I don’t use any applications for logging computer use, but several services I rely on heavily return data about my usage. (That should be a standard feature, shouldn’t it?) If you’ve opted into Google Web History, it will tell you when you search:

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