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I teach authors to create content for their readers beyond their book. Most of us spend much more time online, watching video, or listening to audio than we ever spend with a book. …

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Go where your audience lives

I almost always suggest an author have their own radio show. Easy to set up, and adaptable to talk about any subject with any guests. I also suggest every author of a blog and social media pages about their subject.

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New books published have been on a steady growth curve over the last decade or so while traditional publishers and bookstores struggle to figure out what to do about it.

Smart authors have done just fine.

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If you’re an author of books that have gone out of print, you could be sitting on a goldmine.

Savvy writers – especially those with an online following — are reveling in unexpected profits by self-publishing their defunct backlist titles as new e-books.

“In six weeks, I’ve made three times the advance I was paid initially,” says Carolyn Jewel, an author of historical and paranormal romances who has reissued the first of her backlist titles originally published by Hachette and Penguin-Putnam. I spoke with Carolyn recently about her surprise bonanza.

“I’ve also made more than I did in royalties while the book was in print. My out-of-print titles weren’t earning anyone any money — except used books stores I suppose. Today, my backlist has value to me.”

Bestselling author reissuing archive of 40 books

“I’m more excited than I’ve ever been,” says New York Times bestselling author Bob Mayer, who wrote in a recent blog post about plunging into self-publishing and reissuing his defunct titles as e-books. The former Green Beret wrote the first of 40 military thrillers and historical novels in 1991, which he says have sold more than 4 million copies over the years. In addition to self-publishing his entire backlist, Mayer has opted to reject his longtime publisher St. Martin’s and their six-figure advances. Instead he’s publishing his new epic novel Duty, Honor, Country, a Novel of West Point and the Civil War, himself.

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I need to update this photo, but I lost track of where I put that giant stack of books

Love those TED Talk videos?

Wish you were there to talk to the speakers and other attendees?

Now you can.. virtually with TED Conversations

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Features of TED Conversations include:

Conversation categories: Questions, Debates and Ideas. By asking a question, you can tap into the expertise of the TED community. By proposing an idea, you can elicit constructive feedback. And by initiating a debate, you can lay out a key issue for spirited discussion.
Conversations with TED notables. At launch, TED Conversations includes discussions with TED speakers such as behavioral economist Dan Ariely (Author, “Predictably Irrational”), entrepreneur and marketer Seth Godin (Author, “Permission Marketing”, “Tribes”), game designer Jane McGonigal (author “Reality Is Broken”), Rhode Island School of Design President John Maeda (author, “The Laws of Simplicity”) and many more. TED Translators, TED Fellows, TEDx hosts and TED staff are all active on the site.
Time limits on conversations. Whether it’s one day or one month, TED Conversations are assigned an expiration date to keep the discussion sharp and on-topic. Designed to promote participation among time-pressed users, including TED speakers and conference attendees, the conversations will end on a pre-set date, at which time the user who initiated it can summarize the discussion with a closing statement.
Link conversations to one of the 800+ TED Talks on TED.com. Users can ask a question, debate an issue or propose an idea that was sparked by watching one or more TED Talks. This allows a thoughtful exchange among a global community with a shared experience and knowledge base.
Tagging by subject. To ease navigation, users can search for specific topics such as “architecture,” “alternative medicine” or “clean energy.”

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Updated with a free resource for anyone want to build a mailing list

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You have a major advantage when you engage readers using email. As an author you understand the power of the written word. In an age where much of the communications amounts to the written equivalent of grunts and murmurs, a little bit of attention to good writing really stands out.

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If you’re keeping count of the number of blogs and RSS feeds you see from Warren Whitlock, Book Marketing Strategist, this is number .. er, oops. I lost count!

My main blog is bogging me down. I’m experimenting with many things.. and really like WordPress, and decided to add another here at the Word Press site.

If this is the only post you see, it didn’t work out.. or I’m still horsing around. My most up to date book marketing informaiton will always be posted at Best Seller Authors site

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