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I thought I was over exposed (no, not a reference to “Tweet Naked” from yesterday.. I mean online exposure)… but my mentors say there are a few nooks and crannies on the net where I’ve not tweeted enough.

We have this HUGE free cross promotion happening this month (free for partners with or without a giant pile of books).

If you want to get a message out, find some people who will buy your goods, or just have a lot of fun helping the world learn about a very good book.. read the press release on my new Squidoo Lens

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Best Seller Book Expert Warren Whitlock News for Authors About Best-Selling Books

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I help new authors launch books to best seller status.

Video is popular, so I thought.. why not make up some slide and record a short introduction.

Does it help in making you want to jump on board and get lot of new readers for your book or blog?

I just have to brag tonight.. I moved my brag page and posting here to let you know.

Purely self promotional, but if you must know.. not made up. Real testimonials from authors I’ve worked with.

Thanks for indulging me with loads of tags and tweet and kudos (no, I’m not begging.. just kidding)..

What do you think.. a bit much for #amplify?

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“When We Want to a Best Seller Book, We Call Warren Whitlock”

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Every Author Needs Facebook

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After turning down thousands of Facebook friend invitations due to their cap on the number of connection one person can have, I finally put up my own page.

Now I get to write a message when someone send a friends request.. it’s got to be unique… if you cut and paste, Facebook will give you a spam warning. This would have been so much easier if I had not waited.

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