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I teach authors to create content for their readers beyond their book. Most of us spend much more time online, watching video, or listening to audio than we ever spend with a book. …

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Go where your audience lives

I almost always suggest an author have their own radio show. Easy to set up, and adaptable to talk about any subject with any guests. I also suggest every author of a blog and social media pages about their subject.

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I just have to brag tonight.. I moved my brag page and posting here to let you know.

Purely self promotional, but if you must know.. not made up. Real testimonials from authors I’ve worked with.

Thanks for indulging me with loads of tags and tweet and kudos (no, I’m not begging.. just kidding)..

What do you think.. a bit much for #amplify?

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“When We Want to a Best Seller Book, We Call Warren Whitlock”

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