Authors, marketer and bloggers get obsessed with spreading their message and fall into the trap of emulating old media (where the more you can blast a message the better).

To truly engage, a comment can be a far better use of your time. Not to blast your message, nor toot your own horn… Adding value to others conversations can be the most attractive power in marketing.

Tips for Writing Comments that Will Get Attention

The act of posting a comment isn’t as important as the actual content of your comment or the ways in which you format it. By posting thoughtful, ethical blog comments, you’ll attract the attention you’re seeking.

  1. Format your blog comment properly, just as you’d format an original article on your own blog.

  1. Strive to challenge the theory of a blog poster or commenter without attacking them. Kindness will show readers that you’re a mature, experienced authority regarding your niche.

  1. Ensure that your comment brings a new element to the discussion instead of reiterating something that was already posted. This will encourage further discussion directly related to your comment.

  1. Take your time. The best blog comments are carefully constructed, insightful and clearly, succinctly state your opinions.