I think I’m in big trouble…

I write with ellipsis (ore is that ellipsises?) and all sorts of odd punctuation.

And a lot of my posts are meant to be read, not for multi page engagements. (which likely would be a good thing for me to think about)

Will Google hate me?

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The first thing that webmasters need to keep in mind is that low-quality pages will impact all the sites on a domain. While it’s difficult to say precisely what that means, here are a few things to avoid:

  • Pages that duplicate content from another site.

  • Content that has a lot of spelling or grammatical errors.

  • Pages that have notably poor performance on analytics. You should check your bounce rate, time on page, etc., to determine which pages are poor performers.

  • Content that has an ad-to-content ratio that’s heavy on advertisements.

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