Telco and Cable companies in the US are holding back on deploying fiber and 950 meg service. They don’t want to make the investment.

Instead of fighting to steal each others customers and then lock us in to whatever bad customer service they have, imagine what would happen in 10 years to the company that doesn’t get the next technology.

(for the record, I’ve whined about lousy service from telcos.. but am very happy with my 50meg service and the the people at @CoxCable right now)

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According to The New York Times 1Gbps broadband speeds are not only possible here in North America, but all the major ISP’s know exactly what it would take to get us there. The problem? Motivation. Since most markets in North America are served by one cable, and one DSL provider, the telecom companies here have little incentive to build out much more expensive Fiber based networks. The cost of laying fiber could be easily monetized if multiple telecoms were willing to share the tab, but this type of partnership would require a massive intervention by the FCC, and they just don’t see that happening anytime soon.