@SethGodin said:

“Yes, you shouldn’t text while driving, or talk on the cell phone, or argue with your dog or drive blindfolded. It’s an idiot move, one that often leads to death (yours or someone else’s).

“I don’t think you should text while working, either. Or use social networking software of any kind for that matter. And you probably shouldn’t eat crunchy chips, either.”

I’ll add:

I get online several times a day to engage readers in social media. I may not reach the millions that Seth does, but I know that things happen because I stay in touch.

So my first gut reaction would be to think it’s just another rant from someone blessed with an old media audience… but after thinking about this one for a few minutes, I remembered how often I find myself thinking “I’ll just log in to send one tweet” and find myself engaged when it’s not my top priority.

So far, I’ve not found any limit to the value of engagement… I have found some limits to my ability to focus.

Seth is right. If your “work” does not include engaging customers.. do it without the browser open. In fact, turn off the phone, close the door, and FOCUS.

What do you do to get focused time for a project?