I love to share, show appreciation and get a discussion going, so I try to answer anyone who reaches out to me through any medium.

You can get my attention by putting addressing a question to me, or including me in a relevant conversation.

It’s parties. You want to talk to someone, so you get their attention and talk.

But if you go into a room and yell “LOOK AT ME” you are annoying.

@MariSmith shared some tips to use tagging on Facebook

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Facebook @ tagging
Do use @ tagging:
  • To acknowledge and give credit.
  • To provide attribution for content you share.
  • To show appreciation.
  • To help promote other fan pages.
  • To cross-reference other fan pages, assuming there is no conflict of interests.
  • To @ tag your own page strategically (e.g. by way of a signature when making wall posts).
Do not use @ tagging:
  • As a way to “poach” fans from other pages that offer the same/similar service as you do to the same/similar target audience.
  • As a way to post your own affiliate link on the wall of the affiliate program owner’s fan page.
  • As a way to get someone’s attention for self-serving reasons.
  • As a way to “imply endorsement” by that person/page.

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