The bandwagon continues to grow with more posts from pundits claiming Quora is the next big thing.

I find it to be cool technology deployment. Since we all have questions that we want answers to, the connections and sorting are certainly working.

I’ve learned not to judge the viablity of a new site based on people telling me that they don’t have time to join yet another network.. so while I personally feel like all I do on Quora is answer friend requests, I like to remember how often someone asks me if Twitter is going to survive “because we just don’t have time for that”

Suppose Quora were there.. with your connections in place from other networks and some default setting that took care of the chores of setting it up.. would you go there when you have a question?

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imageI have been watching Quora for a while now—both the site and the discussion swirling around it—for long enough to be convinced that the Q-and-A service will probably become an established social channel that should thrive and grow.

Quora has attracted a lot of attention in the last few weeks based largely on the flood of people joining and the volume of Quora-generated content being shared through other services, mostly Twitter. Robert Scoble is responsible for a good chunk of the attention, having blogged that Quora is the future of blogging.