I love this term.. irrational as it may be.

“Planned Spontaneity”

It may sound like “getting around to procrastinating” or “busy on my day off” but I think it points to a desire most of us share. We want to be spontaneous, can’t really plan it, but can use these new tools to “organize on the fly”

Have you tried “planned spontaneity?”

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For consumers, knowing where they are and what’s / who’s around them is the key to planned spontaneity.  That’s about to get a whole lot easier, as geo-location becomes a key feature of social networks and web apps from existing providers adding location information:

  • Geomium takes data from local review sites and combines it with social information to not only allow users to both see which of their friends are nearby, but also to find nearby event and venue information and deals.

  • LikeOurselves lets individuals quickly create a mobile group and locate members within 20 miles of their location, enabling on the fly meetups

  • FastSociety is a New York-based startup aimed at simplifying communication between friends on-the-go. The service is SMS-based, and groups last between 3 hours and 3 days, increasing the spontaneous nature of the offering.

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