I was curious enough to read just how many pages of #Wikileaks were indexed by #Bing and #Google, but does it really matter?

As far as I can see, no one has accused @Wikileaks of breaking and entering or stealing the information. I don’t think the coerced anyone to give them the info… so if it’s a big deal to keep it secret, why aren’t they trying to stop the leak?

Most likely they are… applying heat to Wikileaks to make the most noise… but it seems like they have a misunderstanding of digital data… it’s like a tattoo.. once it’s up on the net, it out.

If you don’t want something repeated, don’t say it. If you can’t live with that policy and want to keep a secret, make sure you can trust the people you are telling your secret to.

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Classified document publishing website Wikileaks has now been kicked off of Amazon, Paypal, its DNS server and its Swiss bank account – but it lives on, including across hundreds of mirrored sites and is the subject for widespread discussion on Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook’s response, from Andrew Noyes, the company’s D.C. based Manager of Public Policy Communications: “The Wikileaks Facebook Page does not violate our content standards nor have we encountered any material posted on the page that violates our policies.”

That’s notably different from what Twitter told us today. Twitter passed around a press statement this morning stating that it is not censoring Wikileaks from its “trending topics” section, but when we asked point blank about whether it will permit the Wikileaks account to remain online or whether it will be shut down, Twitter’s Matt Graves told ReadWriteWeb, “We’ve got no additional comment beyond the statement.”

Every company online is likely considering how to relate to Wikileaks. Google, for example, appears to have indexed almost 1500 pages of the site, while Bing appears to have indexed only 10 pages of Wikileaks.ch.

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