When I saw the reports tying the Facebook profile pic change nonsennse to pedophillia, I thought “easier to believe than it stopping child abuse” :)

However it started, it’s harmless nonsense. You aren’t covering for pedophiles, you aren’t going to stop abuse, and you aren’t going to loose you Facebook account.

I did like the comment “Can I leave my profile pic the same if I promise to stop hurting children?” That just might be more effective. :)

Amplify’d from www.thatsnonsense.com
CHANGEYOUPRFILE PIC BACK TO NORMAL!! this cartoon thing has been set up by pedos using a registered charity thing to entice kids. Apparently on the 6th of december you will be kicked of fb if u hv cartoon pics. the more folk that put up the cartoon pics the harder it is for the police …to catch the sickos!!!
Of course the above message is utterly untrue. The whole cartoon profile picture has got nothing to do with any registered charity and Facebook have not announced they will be kicking people off Facebook for having cartoon profile pictures. Fabricated nonsense.

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